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Olympic Artist Jesse Raudales

Jesse Raudales Internationally acclaimed celebrity artist Jesse Raudales, whose work is featured in museums, galleries, organizations and homes of many collectors, displays a true artist encompassing a natural talent,  that captures current event moments in life that will take your breath away.. For any artist, it would be a dream come true to be selected as one of the artist to create an image to commemorate the 2006 US Olympic Team. That dream is now a reality for Jesse Raudales a North Carolina based artist, who was selected among thousands of applicants to represent the 2006 Olympic Games, standing next to his fellow artist, Jane Seymour and Peter Max. His Olympic painting , "Peace For The Children Of The World" opened in California, toured to New York and then went on to the Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. Since becoming an Olympian, Raudales has been honored by the NAACP, FBI, Warner Bros., The EPICC Center, CBCF, CHCI and ALPFA and featured as a rising 21st cenntury artist in the International Press. Jesse Raudales was the First Latino Olympic Artist for the USA for the 2006 Olympic Games and has received high acclaim for his passion to paint and dedication as a father.His artwork has been featured on televison shows, movies, plays and in the homes of many celebrities including Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard, Tommy Ford, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tom Joyner, The legendary Rick James and James Brown. He has designed logos for NBA star Dwayne Wade, MC Hammer, The Million Man March, Martin L. King estate and The Official Miss USA Pageant logo.